Sunday, June 20, 2010

Grass-Fed Bison, It's What's For Dinner

What a weekend!  Between the two of us, Eddie and I worked three farmers' markets.  It has been hot, sticky, and exhausting.  Hard work was rewarded, as we made a decent chunk of change to show for it. 

At the final market of the weekend, another vendor was selling bison.  We spoiled ourselves a little, and picked up a pair of grass-fed, bison-meat rib eye steaks.  Thick, beautiful bison steaks, raised without all the hormones or antibiotics, free to graze on grass all day long.  Paired with a stir fry of onion, pok choi, swiss chard, and garlic scapes, this was a well-deserved reward at the end of a gruelling weekend.

Our display is very basic, easy to set up and take down.  We only have one product- honey.  A canopy, card table, a sign, and a few bottles on display, and we're done.  The poduce growers and crafts people take a lot of time setting up all their baskets and handmade items.  There are always a few good-natured comments along the lines of "I'm so jealous!  You're set up is so easy."  To which Eddie always says, "Ah yes, but do you want to go work the bees?"  Then the lightbulb clicks, and they don't feel so badly about having so much to set up.

Due to impending thunderstorms (Hail Thor!), this afternoon's market closed a half hour early. Our stuff was packed up quick, so Eddie, being the helpful guy that he is, assisted the bison folks in packing up their freezer.  They gave us a few packages of bison jerky in return.  What a treat.  Needless to say, the jerky (and the rib eyes) have already been consumed!

Live better, a little every day.

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