About the Author

Cat Ellis is a wife, mom, and advocate for building self-sufficiency through homesteading.  Cat is from southern New England where she and her husband keep honeybees, as well as grow fruits and vegetables.  In the near future, she and her family plan to move from their urban homestead to a rural homestead in Maine they are building.

Professionally, Cat is a Massage Therapist, but for now has closed her practice to care for and homeschool her two children. Her speciality is Pregnancy Massage (Prenatal, Labor Support, and Postpartum) and would like to train to become a homebirth midwife in the future.

Cat enjoys cooking, baking, canning, gardening, camping, writing, herbalism, aromatherapy, mead-making, knitting, cross-stitching, and spinning (fibers, not cycling).  She is a classically-trained violist and pianist.

About Better Living Daily
After suffering a simultaneous loss of both incomes, and being denied access to the support systems they thought would be available, the Ellis household had to make some major, drastic changes overnight. It was an eye-opening experience. There had to be a better way of doing things then to be slaves to monthly bills and debt, and vulnerable to a failing economy. The solution: debt-free, off-grid homesteading.  

Transitioning from a typical, convenience-based, modern life to an off-grid rural homesteading life might sound overwhelming, but the benefits of doing so clearly outweigh the risks of not making the change.  Little changes and small actions every day, however, can lead to big transformations.  Cat and her husband made a commitment to do something every day to get closer to their goals.  This was the inspiration for this blog.