Monday, June 14, 2010

Farmers' Market Season Has Begun

The Farmers' Markets we participate in started this past weekend.  In spite of cloudy skies and scattered thunderstorms, each market had plenty of foot traffic.  Eddie worked the markets, while I kept the little ones home out of the weather.  We moved a lot of honey this weekend.  Next weekend, when the largest market we do begins, it should be even better!

At the end of the market on Saturday, one of the other vendors gifted us with 12 plum tomato plants.  They went into the ground immediately.  Seeing how much further along those tomato plants were than my tomato plants made me wish that we had a greenhouse.  Yes, I could have started some seeds in my As we will most likely still be living here as our primary residence next year, we may look for a small greenhouse for this winter to grow a winter garden and get a jump on next year.

Beyond honey, we planted pie pumkins and mini melons to sell at the markets later in the season.  I just took a quick inventory of them.  They are ready to move up to bigger pots, as are my own tomato plants.  Two more weeks, and everything should be in the ground. 

Live better, a little every day.

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