Monday, June 28, 2010

An Evening With Celery

If you think you like celery, but have only tried it from the grocery store, you don't know jack about celery!  We grew "tango" celery from organic seed, and wow is it different.  The store bought stuff has crunch, but flavor?  Not compared to this.  The grocery store celery is more like water compared to the homegrown celery.

The more I grow food, the more I realize that for most of my life, I've been eating poor immitations of food.  It is no wonder that children don't like vegetables.  When varieties are grown for flavor, instead of how they hold up through long shipping and storage conditions, and when food is allowed to fully ripen before being picked, a whole new world of flavor emerges. 

I have many more bunches than I could use in the next week, so I've pulled them, washed them, and was in the middle of chopping them to put in the freezer when the baby decided she wants to be held.  At least I can type one-handed!

Why not dehydrate the celery?  Dehydrating would certainly preserve the celery well, and take up a lot less space.  However, it is extremely humid, we just had a thunderstorm pass through, and the weather is just not cooperating enough for us to use a solar dehydrator.  You really need a dry day to make the best use of one.

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