Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blog Updates and Companion Podcast

We are approaching the Better Living Daily blog's first birthday! 

Some of you may have noticed that I've made a few changes to the description of my blog.  I'm trying out a few things to improve the blog's look and clarity.  The purpose of the blog, however, is still the same: to record those things we do on a daily basis to improve our independence, level of self-sufficiency, and quality of life. 

Last autumn, I had started a companion podcast to this blog.  This was to help keep blog posts focused on documenting our daily actions towards living a more independent life, while leaving the longer and more opinionated topics for the podcast.  Sadly, the podcast was left fallow for many months mostly due to medical problems.  For the same reasons, I have not made daily entries here to my blog consistently.  It has also meant that some of these longer, opinionated, and politically charged topics have ended up here on this blog again. 

The podcast will be relaunched in the next couple of weeks.  I have some updating to do to the podcast site, but will announce the official relaunch here within the next few days.

Thanks to everyone for reading my blog and listening to the podcast. 

Live better, a little every day.


  1. I enjoy listening to your podcast - you have a very nice voice. I'm glad to hear you'll be re-starting it.

  2. Thanks Lorri! It's funny because I'm rather critical of my speaking voice. But, a lot of people feel that way about their own voice.

    On the other hand, my singing voice I enjoy hearing. Go figure!

  3. I certainly understand the reasons for the hiatus but I'm glad you'll be picking up the podcast again.

  4. Thanks Heathen Sherri. It good to know people were listening.