Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Progress Update #2

In a few days, we will be taking a week-long trip to put up a small cabin on our property in Maine. We will be joined by friends and family to build our "base of operations". I can't explain how much having this little home and sharing the building of it with loved ones means to us.

Eddie has finished assembly on the utility trailer, necessary for us to transport some of the building materials that we got through Craig's List and Freecycle. We will also use it to transport the lumber from the mill, avoiding a delivery charge. The expense of the trailer is about what we saved by getting the materials (doors, windows, etc.) through these sources. Though it didn't lower the cost of the overall project, it's like getting the utility trailer for free. Later today, he will pick up a generator and rechargeable tool set from a relative, and start packing up the trailer.

Due to both weather and my work schedule, I am way behind on my plantings, and every has got to get in the ground before we leave. June was nothing but rain! Everyone's gardens are way behind because of the lack of sun. Thankfully, the weather has broken. I have transplants that are more than overdue to get in the ground. We mulched really well with lawn clippings, so at least there isn't any weeding to do.

The meal plan for the trip is done, and so now the cooking begins. While I do have a functioning kitchen in our camper, making food ahead will save on prep time, clean up, the amount of garbage we have to dispose of during the trip, propane usage, gas driving from our land to the grocery store repeatedly, and money.

I'm baking banana and pumpkin breads for breakfast. I will bake at night, so I won't heat up the apartment during the day. Lunch choices are will be egg salad, black bean soup (good hot or cold), or tuna salad. For supper, I'm cooking up large batches of chili, American chop suey, chourico and peppers, and chicken salad. All are cost-effective and will pack easily for the trip. (I will post and link my recipes throughout the day, in between clients.)

There's so much to do, so I best get off this computer!

Live better, a little every day.

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