Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just a Phone Call

What happens when you are under the weather, coughing, achy, you have no strength for anything (cooking, cleaning, crafting- all too much), and you still need to do at least one thing to make your life better during the course of your day?  Pick up the phone and call your elected officials or a government agency about something important to you.

I know- it doesn't feel like they ever listen.  But silence is like giving your tacit approval; giving consent through non-objection.  Today, I called the USDA to voice my opinion about their decision to deregulate Monsanto's Round Up Ready alfalfa.

In a nutshell, this seed is guaranteed to increase the use of pesticides, specifically Monsanto's Round Up.  It is also guaranteed to contaminate all alfalfa in the surrounding area.  Alfalfa is a cover crop, and a food source for cows used in producing organic dairy.  This decision effectively makes true, non-GMO organic dairy and organic beef a thing of the past.  Consumer choice is eliminated by allowing this seed to infect US alfalfa through pollination.  There are no long-term safety studies to indicate how this will effect humans and livestock or the environment. In essence, we have been turned into lab rats and subjected to an experiment without the opportunity for informed consent.  For a more detailed analysis of the dangers of GMO seed, please click here.

Safe food is crucial to our health and ultimate survival.  I called the USDA and let them know what I think about this. I also told them that I would contact the dairies in my area to find out where they stand on this and whether or not they will use this frankenseed.  Those that do, I will name them and let my local area know about it and the potential dangers of it. 

And my second good deed for the day is passing the word on to you all and asking you to do the same thing.  Not bad for being stuck at home with a bronchial infection! Don't let a sick day keep you from doing something towards creating a better life for you and future generations.

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