Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect, But I'm Not Quite There Yet

Today was another day with the spinning wheel.  Today saw more spinning and less "figuring".  I ended up pulling the first attempt at wheel spinning off of the bobbin and starting all over again.  Something about seeing that lumpy, bumpy, twisty mess just irked me a little too much to leave it be.  I've placed an order for a book on spinning, "Spinning for Softness and Speed" by Paula Simmons.  It has been recommended to me twice now, and soon it will be part of my library.  In the meantime, I have a book on tablet weaving to read.

As I promised yesterday, here is a picture of my wheel.

And here is a picture of my beginner spinning efforts from today.  

It looks very similar to my first attempts with a drop spindle. Over time, it will get more even.  For now, it's not too pretty.  

Tomorrow, I've got some cooking to do. Frugality rules, and a simple chicken can easily be stretched over three meals.  I will post recipes and pictures.


  1. It is SO beautiful! It is my favorite castle wheel!! Trade you my Majacraft!?

  2. Ply that yarn and watch as it turns into beautiful, chunky "novelty yarn". People pay BIG money for that kind of yarn. I just spun 2 lbs of wool into "novelty yarn"....when I make that kind it sells faster than the super-smooth, perfect stuff I spin. And stop beating yourself up. Practice makes perfect...its all in your fingers, and once they "see" how the fiber is supposed to flow, everything will fall into place :).