Thursday, June 25, 2009

Progress Update

The sun made a long over-due appearance today, and we got eight more pepper plants in the garden. Our tomato plants look strong and have gained in height. Still no signs of flowers yet, but we did get a late start. The green bean plants look healthy and are showing blooms. One cucumber plant is going strong, but is in severe need of company!

Eddie spent the better part of the day with the bees. In a week, we should see another 100+ pounds of honey. This comes just in time to replenish our honey supplies, and certainly gives us enough left over to experiment with making creamed honey.

While I spent the day playing out with our son (something I don't nearly get to do often enough), Eddie spent the rest of his evening assembling a utility trailer, making good progress. The trailer will help bring equipment and materials up to the homestead site.

We contacted a lumber mill that is local to our homestead site and priced out lumber for the cabin. We were pleasantly surprised to find the lumber will cost less than had been estimated. This difference offsets the amount spent on the utility trailer. We are still on track to keep this project on or under budget.

Live better, a little every day.

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